The office was established in 1994. At first, it was at 7, Zinopoulou Str., on the Central Square of Karpenisi. In 2006, we moved in our owned offices, at 6, Zacharia Papantoniou Str. (1st floor). We design, supervise and construct technical works.

The office is fully equipped and computerized which make it fully organized and autonomous.

Our experienced staff is constantly being informed on new methods and techniques, making the offered services effective and with good quality.

Our collaborators are experienced and qualified to face any challenges in the field of constructions.

We aim to satisfy our customers in all the levels of our co-operation, as we believe that the best advertisement is the result of our work and the relationships with our clients.

Brief Curriculum Vitae of Petros Mpakatsias

I was born in Athens in 1968. I grew up in the Municipality of Ymittos until 1987 where i completed the highschool.

In 1987 i enroled to the Civil Engineering Department of the Technical Educational Institute of Crete, where I graduated.

I was working until 1993 at the Technical Office of Mr. Minas Chatzidakis, Civil Engineer and Mr. Nikolaos Drakopoulos, Architect-Mechanic.

When I completed my military obligations, in 1994, I moved permanently to Karpenisi in Evritania Perfectuce, Central Greece, where I keep my Technical Office, designing, supervising and constructing technical works.

I am a registered E.E.T.E.M. member (reg. no: 22146) and registered in the Books of T.E.E. Technical Corporate Names (reg. no: 8717).

In 1998 I registered at the Experienced Constructors Registries of the Ministry of Public Works as a Public Works Contractor. I am a holder of a M.E.K. Contracting Degree (Class C) and a M.E.E.P. of Class A for constructing works.

Since 2002, I am a freelance worker-evaluator of the National Bank of Greece.

I have completed a great number of seminars, relevant to my fields of work. I also served as a teacher at the I.T.E. Institute of Technical Appliances of the Greek Productivity Center, concerning issues of agrotourism.